We live for a perfect letter. We are committed to the craft of type in every aspect of design, as we see the importance of iconic typography in the creation of resilient brand identities. Our practice is influenced by the traditions of sign-painting and lettering, whilst embracing innovation and digital workflow. Through our iconic branding, font development and spatial installations, we bridge our type obsession with informed design to build durable and memorable brands.


Our Clients




Our process at Uppercase is unorthodox and unique; we transition between a contemporary digital design practice and the savoir-faire traditionally required of sign-writers and typographers. We merge traditional craftsmanship and typographic detailing with digital design. All of our projects—from logos to large-scale public installations—begin in our sketchbooks. We often realise these sketches in digital form to allow the flexibility and efficiency needed to bring the clients projects to life.

We believe in the power of informed type design and we do everything we can to realise our clients’ visions. We’re happy to be experimental—our ideas for type development and letter-focused branding are endless.


What We do

Brand Identity Design
Logos and Trademarks
Bespoke Display Typefaces
Font Design &  Development
Signage & Wayfinding
Print, Packaging & Stationery
Murals & Outdoor Advertising
Sign-Painting, Lettering & Calligraphy
Spatial Installations






Ellenberg Fraser (Melbourne)
Redbubble (Melbourne)
General Assembly (Melbourne)
Future Design Fridays (Adelaide)

Guest Workshops & Lectures

Redbubble (Melbourne)
Tjutjuna Aboriginal Arts (Adelaide)


ABC Television (AU)
Brixton (US)
Inside Out Magazine (AU)
Regiment Sound (US)


Victionary (HK)
Brixton Brand Book (US)
Peintres en Lettres in Paris (FR)

Selected Features

Only NY (US)
Good Type (US)
The Design Files (AU)
The Design Kids (AU)
Broadsheet (AU)
Australian In Front (AU)
North Journal (AU)
City Mag Adelaide (AU)
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